Kenn Hicks' career has taken him to the recital, concert, and opera stages of London, Paris, Milan, Rome, Stuttgart, Dresden, Frankfurt, Warsaw, Gdansk, Stockholm, Barcelona, Tel Aviv, Cairo, Mexico City, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Houston and many more world capitals. Hicks' broad talents began at the age of 16 with Houston Grand Opera (never had a voice lesson), to a Pulitzer Prize winning production on Broadway of Scott Joplin's opera "Treemonisha". Following the run on Broadway, Hicks segued into the roster of the New York City Opera and the Kennedy Center Opera House.

Hicks took the wealth of these experiences and fashioned a top artist development business which heralds an endless list of celebrities. After 14 appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show, she dubbed him "The Vocal Coach to the Stars."  His broad TV personality has been captured on numerous TV runs besides Oprah's to CW channel's The Pussycat Dolls Presents and VH1 Born to Diva.

Hicks has mentored, without a doubt, some of today's brightest stars as vocal coach/artistic director and participated in series of special events which demand the best in performance. His talents have taken him from actual International royalty to music royalty.

After joining the staff of Motown Records in Artist Development Department, Hicks saw the opportunity to start his own, Les Artistes Entertainment Inc. and has enjoyed his success of that company 14 years.

From his first of five Carnegie Hall appearances to his most recent World Solidarity of the Arts Festival in Gdansk, Poland (30,000 in attendance) Hicks, along with partner and collaborator, multi Grammy Award winner Marcus Miller and Herbie Hancock has rendered a new and innovative musical genre Hicks calls 'AVANTI.'


Thanks to the underwriting of friend and co producer, Ms. Kathryn Chenault (wife of American Express CEO Kenneth Chenault) Hicks was able to premiere AVANTI at Lincoln Center complete with full orchestra (Czech Philharmonic and Juilliard), Herbie Hancock, Marcus Miller, and a 125-voice Gospel choir to a sold out audience. Hicks gave all proceeds to Katrina Victims. This evolutionary concept fuses opera, Jazz, symphony, and the spiritual and sold out in hours.  The European premiere followed in Rome with an audience of 7,000.

{Most of these events can be enjoyed either on YouTube or by Googling Kenn Hicks Sings}

A native of Texas, Kenn was honored not only with Keys to the City of Crockett, but also an official Kenn Hicks Day in East Texas August 21, 1993 declaration.

After several years as guest lecturer at New York University, he has recently joined their staff last year in the Clive Davis Tisch School of the Arts Division.  There he gives one-on-one master sessions for selected students who benefit from his worldly expertise in field of vocal development and "on-stage" presentation.

Hicks' versatility in being able to converse in 4 to 5 languages as well as having a track record of singing in nearly 10 different languages rounds out his uniqueness. He even did High Holy Days as a last minute step in at Temple Emmanuel in Houston Texas! True story!